Quick Answer: Which Meter Has The Largest Resistance And Why?

What is difference between ammeter and voltmeter?

An ammeter is a measuring device used to measure the electric current in a circuit.

A voltmeter is connected in parallel with a device to measure its voltage, while an ammeter is connected in series with a device to measure its current..

Which instrument has maximum resistance?

voltmeterAssertion : Out of galvanometer, ammeter and voltmeter, resistance of ammeter is lowest and resistance of voltmeter is highest.

Which one has the lowest and which one has the highest resistance ammeter a voltmeter or a galvanometer?

Ammeter has the lowest resistance. A galvanometer is converted into an ammeter by using a suitable low resistance shunt in parallel with the galvanometer.

Does voltmeter have low resistance?

A voltemeter is a device used to measure the amount of potential difference across a resistor or a combination of resitors. The resistance of an ideal voltmeter should be infinite. … The resistance of a voltmeter should be infinitely high, so that it does not draw any current.

Do ammeters have high resistance?

Consequently an ideal voltmeter will have infinite resistance. An ammeter is connected in series with the circuit to be measured. The ideal ammeter will have zero resistance so as not to disturb the circuit. We will find the shunt as part of the ammeter circuit.

Why voltmeter has high resistance and ammeter has low resistance?

Voltmeter is always connected in parallel with the load hence Is should have high resistance so that current doesnt pass through it . Ammeters are always connected in series with the circuit hence it should have low resistance .

What should be the resistance of an ammeter?

An ideal ammeter has zero resistance. A “clamp-on” ammeter measures current through a wire by measuring the strength of the magnetic field around it rather than by becoming part of the circuit, making it an ideal ammeter.

Which meter has largest resistance?

voltmeter4 Answers. A voltmeter should have a much larger resistance compared to any circuit element across which it is connected because a low internal resistance voltmeter would draw a current from the circuit which changes the very voltage across the circuit element you are trying to determine.

Which instrument has minimum resistance?

ammeterThe ammeter has the lowest resistance. T he reason for ammeter resistance to be low because it can accurately read the current flowing in the circuit.

Why the voltmeter has high resistance?

A voltmeter measures the voltage difference between the two different points (say, on different sides of a resistor), but it should not change the amount of current going through the element between these two points. So it should have very high resistance so mat it doesn’t draw current through it.

Which has higher resistance ammeter or voltmeter?

The ammeter has less resistance than voltmeter. As in the ammeter the resistance is added in the series so it requires less resistance to flow the current and measure it where as in the voltmeter the resistance is added in parallel so it requires high resistance.