Quick Answer: Was Azula Going To Kill Mai?

Is Mai Izumi’s mother?

Don’t take MY word for it, but this Avatar fan-page on Facebook has apparently posted that during the Emerald City Comic Con yesterday (March 2nd), it was confirmed that Mai is indeed Izumi’s mother..

What is wrong with Azula?

Though she is undeniably a great fighter and tactician, Azula has been shown as mentally ill and emotionally unstable, a condition that would grow worse over time. From childhood, Azula believed that her mother loved Zuko and thought her monstrous, which she admitted to be true but it still hurt.

Was Azula schizophrenic?

Looking disheveled and erratic, Azula’s descent into schizophrenia is quickly recognized by Zuko, with whom she has a final fight to the death. Though she does manage to wound her brother, Azula is defeated by Katara.

Why is Azula so powerful?

She’s the product of three generations of a breeding program. Eugenics. She is descent from the children of Avatar Roku and Fire Lord Sozin, the two most powerful firebenders of their age.

What episode does Mai and Ty Lee betray Azula?

The Boiling RockIn two-part “The Boiling Rock” storyline, Azula’s friends, Ty Lee and Mai, finally betray her.

Is Pema Ty Lee’s daughter?

Tenzin’s children are 1/4th everything. To add to the aforementioned “Pema is Ty Lee’s daughter” idea, Pema is Ty Lee’s daughter via a man she married from Kyoshi Island. … Pema is half Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom. Therefore their four children are a quarter everything.

Does Zuko die?

Eventually Zuko learns that his mother made a deal after the previous Fire Lord, Azulon, ordered Ozai to kill Zuko. Ursa offered to concoct an odorless, colorless poison that would kill Azulon and put Ozai on the throne, sparing Zuko’s life.

Does Azula go crazy?

Azula developed a mental problem but didn’t really go insane, she just had all of this tension building up inside her, for example she thought that Ursa thought she was a monster, and after being betrayed by her two best friends and realizing that Ozai didn’t actually love her and only manipulated her, she felt lonely …

Why did Mai and Ty Lee betray Azula?

Mai betrayed Azula in order to save Zuko, so Azula became enraged and was about to punish Mai (possibly kill her?). So Ty Lee intervened to save Mai. It was clear throughout the show that Ty Lee both feared and admired Azula.

Does Zuko love Mai?

She did, however, show happiness when in the presence of Zuko, whom she loved deeply. … They restarted their relationship with a kiss before Zuko’s coronation as the new Fire Lord, though Mai broke up with him a year later due to his unwillingness to confide in her, claiming he loved his secrets more than her.

How did Mai die?

Sakuta nearly gets run over, but Mai pushes him aside at the last moment, and she gets hit by the car instead. As a result, the entire causality has changed — Sakuta lives, but Mai is killed and Shoko’s heart transplant donor becomes Mai.

Does Azula have a child?

After her great achievements, Azula settled down and got married to a quite old nobleman named Yin Lee. She gave birth to two children, Chen and Mitsuki.

Who does Zuko marry?

MaiAirbender: All Grown Up – Fire Lord Zuko and Mai (Husband and Wife)

Is Azula dead in Korra?

Azula doesn’t appear in Legend of Korra at all. … Azula’s death is never shown or mentioned. At the end of Avatar, her last scene is defeated sobbing at the feet of Zuko and Katara.

Why did Azula go crazy?

Azula was heavily influenced by her father, who favored her over Zuko due to her superior firebending abilities. … After she was betrayed by Mai and Ty Lee, her mental state gradually collapsed, as her attacks became far more vicious and she was seemingly obsessed with killing Zuko.

What happens to Azula at the end of the story?

Azula and Zuko engage in dual in which she gets the upper hand, but spares her brother. Somehow, Zuko frees the children, Azula then tells him that her ultimate motivation was to make him like their tyrant father. In the end, she escapes and appears donning her disguise as the Kemurikage.

Did Mai marry Zuko?

Mai ain’t an option because she broke up with Zuko in the comics unless they get back together again. Izumi’s mother is Zuko’s honor. @Shroob12 , No way Suki could be Izumi’s mom because as a kyoshi warrior, she does not want to have kids. After all suki married sokka, and they didn’t have any children.

Who married Jinora?

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