Quick Answer: Is Inmails A Paid Feature On LinkedIn?

What is an InMail credit on LinkedIn?

The number of InMail credits equates to how many InMail messages you’re able to send directly to LinkedIn members who you’re not connected to.

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To view your available InMail credits: Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.

Select Access My Premium from the dropdown..

How much do LinkedIn InMail credits cost?

LinkedIn InMail is the feature available to the premium users. LinkedIn InMail cost $10 for 100 credits of InMail. But here’s where it gets interesting. With LinkedIn InMail, you get a credit back for every response, positive or negative, you get.

Is it worth it to get LinkedIn premium?

LinkedIn Premium Benefits In short, Premium Career helps you make connections and find a job. And that’s what could make LinkedIn Premium worth it for you. If you’re searching for a job, Premium Career’s InMail credits, insight into who looked at your profile, and additional job information will all be very useful.

Can anyone read your LinkedIn messages?

‘ LinkedIn messages are completely private. Only the sender and recipient can read messages sent on LinkedIn.

How many LinkedIn messages can I send per day?

250 connection requestsDo not send more than 250 connection requests and messages / day.

Is InMail free on LinkedIn?

Note: If you have a Basic (free) account, you can only directly message LinkedIn members that you’re connected to. … You must upgrade to a Premium account to use InMail. You can’t message a member if they’ve chosen not to receive InMail in their message preferences settings.

Can you send a message on LinkedIn without being connected?

If you have LinkedIn InMail, you can message 2nd-degree connections without actually being connected. Simply open their profiles and hit the “InMail” button to compose and send your message. … Step 3: Compose a message explaining why you want to connect with this person.

Can you buy more InMails on LinkedIn?

You can purchase InMail credits from your LinkedIn.com account. However, those InMail credits are only available for use from your personal account and not Recruiter Lite. … In the Purchase InMail pop-up window, select the amount you’d like to purchase from the dropdown. Click Continue.

How many InMails do you get with LinkedIn recruiter?

150 InMailsDepending on your account type, you will get a different amount of monthly InMails, with some accounts receiving large increases: Recruiter = 150 InMails (up from 50) Recruiter Professional Services = 100 (up from 50) Recruiter Lite = 30 (up from 25)

How can you tell if someone has read your LinkedIn InMail?

In LinkedIn messages, you’ll see read receipts when your message has been read and typing indicators when recipients are responding to you….iOSTap your profile picture.Tap the Settings icon in the top right corner of the screen.Tap Communications.Tap Receipts and indicators.Tap the toggle to turn it on or off.

Does LinkedIn InMail really work?

Some people have seen open rates above 85% and clickthrough rates over 5%. LinkedIn InMail is incredibly effective for reaching just a handful of high touch leads, but it quickly loses its sheen when you’re trying to maximize your impact by reaching several leads at once.

How do I get free InMails on LinkedIn?

How to Get More Inmail Credits?Choose one of your connections, and visit their profile page.Check if you have any groups in common with them by checking the list on their page. … Go onto the group page and select “see all members”Choose the members you would like to contact.More items…

What is the difference between InMail and message on LinkedIn?

Communicating with Other LinkedIn Members Messages—Messages are the primary form of communication on LinkedIn. … In general, sending InMail is a paid LinkedIn feature unless the recipient is a premium member who belongs to the OpenLink Network.

How many free InMails do you get on LinkedIn?

A free LinkedIn account doesn’t come with any InMail credits at all. LinkedIn Premium gives you 5 InMails each month. A LinkedIn Sales Navigator Professional account gives you 20 InMails per month (the Team version gives you 30).

When would you not get an InMail credits back?

Understanding credits for InMail messages with and without responses. InMail messages that don’t receive a response, don’t get credited back. You do, however, get an InMail credit for every InMail message that receives a response within 90 days of the send date.