Quick Answer: Is Burt’S Bees Chemical Free?

Is Burts Bees ChapStick good?

But Burt’s Bees’ popularity is proof: Sometimes you just can’t beat the classics.

Despite its lack of virality, there’s a lot to love about the basic beeswax balm —namely, that it’s a super nourishing lip hydrator made with a blend of shea butter, botanical oils, vitamin E, and of course, beeswax..

Is Burt’s Bees good for dry lips?

Lip balms can range from budget drugstore prices to more premium. For an affordable but effective lip balm, try American Brand Burt’s Bees which come in a range of flavours and can be found in your local Boots or Superdrug.

Is Burts Bees good for your skin?

5.0 out of 5 stars A huge difference in my skin! I love the “sensitive” skin line of Burt’s Bees. … Since I started using all 4 products (face cleanser, facial moisturizer, night cream and eye cream), my skin has drastically changed. I no longer deal with acne and my skin is hydrated.

Who owns Burts?

The Clorox Company2007–Burt’s Bees, Inc./Parent organizations

What is the best chapstick?

How to get rid of chapped lips: The 9 best chapsticks and lip…Aquaphor Lip Repair.Burt’s Bees Conditioning Lip Scrub.First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Therapy.Dr. Dan’s CortiBalm.Tizo’s Lip Protector.Kiehl’s Lip Balm.Dr. Pawpaw Original Multipurpose Soothing Balm.Burt’s Bees Overnight Intensive Lip Treatment.More items…•

What lip balm is safe during pregnancy?

EOS LipBalm Your lips get chapped during pregnancy, especially during labor. So keep them moisturized with something that is safe. EOS has lip balm that is gluten-free, paraben-free, petrolatum-free, and phthalate-free.

Are Burt’s Bees products non toxic?

Burt’s Bees Beauty is Burt’s Bees all natural, non-toxic, and very affordable makeup line. … Before we get started, just a note on Burt’s Bees Beauty makeup line. All of the products listed are 99.9% + natural. They are all formulated without parabens, phthalates, SLS, petrolatum or synthetic fragrances.

Does Burt’s Bees use parabens?

Burt’s Bees Says No to Parabens & Sulfates So all of its products are formulated without parabens, phthalates, petrolatum and SLS.

Is Burt’s Bees Foundation safe?

Safe for Me – Associated with any of the allergens assigned to your Personal Allergy Code (PAC) and is safe for your skin. … Free of fragrances and the most common allergy causing botanicals such as balsam of peru, cinnamic aldehyde, propolis (bee glue) and many more.

Is Burt’s Bees a clean brand?

Burt’s Bees pioneered what it means to be an accessible, safe, clean brand committed to transparency, consumer health, and the environment (all the packaging is recyclable!).

Is Whale Sperm in lip gloss?

Modern-day lip gloss or lip balm contains no products from any whale. … The reality is that no whale sperm or any whale product is used to make lip balm. No sperm of any other creature is used. A waxy substance found in the sperm whale intestines was used to make perfumes in the past.

Does Burt’s Bees contain lead?

Lipsticks with traces of lead included one made by Burt’s Bees, which is now owned by Clorox. … The first major examination was in 2007 when the nonprofit Campaign for Safe Cosmetics tested a range of products and found lead in 61 percent of them, including Burt’s Bees tinted chapstick.

Why is Burts Bees so expensive?

I believe it is so expensive because it is made with natural ingredients. … All of Burt’s Bees lip balms have the best ingredients in them, so they tend to be a little on the pricier side! Usually, you can find 3 packs in stores and I believe those are a little cheaper as compared to buying them individually, though.

Is Burt’s Bees expensive?

Burt’s Bees products cost more than competitors’ because making natural products costs more, according to Replogle. A tube of Burt’s Bees lip balm sells for $2.99 at a Durham Target store, versus 99 cents for a tube of ChapStick.

How Clean Is Burts Bees?

Many veteran clean brands have been mindful of waste for years; the packaging and labels on Burt’s Bees Lip Balms and Lip Shimmer are cellophane free, and the company uses an average of 52% post-consumer recycled plastics across its entire portfolio.

Is Burt’s Bees safe to use during pregnancy?

Since the brand’s inception, Burt’s Bees products have always been at 95 percent natural (or more), responsibly sourced and packaged, and safe for both parent and baby. Using ingredients like meadowfoam seed oil and green tea extract, you can find concealers, eyeshadow, and everything in between at this one-stop-shop.

Are Burt’s Bees products really all natural?

Depending on one’s view of the definition of “natural,” Burt’s Bees is on an impressive agenda. The company touts its entire portfolio to be comprised of 99% natural ingredients and of those, 57% of its 170 different items earned the 100% “natural” label.

Is Burt’s Bees body lotion safe?

Burt’s Bees Soothingly Sensitive Body Lotion (Aloe & Buttermilk) … The Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Skin Deep Database ranks this particular lotion 5 out of 10 on its safety scale (moderate risk).