Quick Answer: How Do You Spell Pollination?

How do you spell pollinating?

: to transfer or carry pollen from a stamen to a pistil of a flower or from a male cone to a female cone Bees are pollinating the clover..

Is pollination a word?

Use the noun pollination to describe the reproduction of plants, whether it happens with the assistance of insects, other animals, or the wind. Pollination can happen when a bee moves pollen from a plant to another area, helping the plant to reproduce.

What are the 2 types of pollination?

Pollination takes two forms: self-pollination and cross-pollination. Self-pollination occurs when the pollen from the anther is deposited on the stigma of the same flower, or another flower on the same plant.

How does a bee pollinate a flower?

When a bee collects nectar and pollen from the flower of a plant, some pollen from the stamens—the male reproductive organ of the flower—sticks to the hairs of her body. When she visits the next flower, some of this pollen is rubbed off onto the stigma, or tip of the pistil—the female reproductive organ of the flower.

How do you use the word root in a sentence?

Root sentence examplesI’ll do new potatoes and roasted root vegetables. … Its preamble stated that its object was ” to exterminate the root and ground of this pest.” … I’d rather root them out and have them killed. … He sounded like he was agreeing to a root canal. … Unwilling to root for either animal, Carmen turned Ed back toward the tree line.More items…

What are the two main agents of pollination?

Pollinating agents are animals such as insects, birds, and bats; water; wind; and even plants themselves, when self-pollination occurs within a closed flower. Pollination often occurs within a species. When pollination occurs between species it can produce hybrid offspring in nature and in plant breeding work.

How do you use pollinate in a sentence?

Beneficial insects help pollinate your plants, aid in breaking down organic material in the soil, and prey on the harmful insects in your garden. Pollinate tomatoes by hand to ensure early fruit on plants intended for outdoor culture.

What does it mean to cross pollinate?

the transfer of pollen from the flower of one plant to the flower of a plant having a different genetic constitution. Compare self-pollination. a sharing or interchange of knowledge, ideas, etc., as for mutual enrichment; cross-fertilization.

What is a sentence for reproduce?

Examples of reproduce in a Sentence Sound effects can reproduce the sound of thunder. They haven’t been able to reproduce the results of the first experiment. Salmon return to the stream to reproduce offspring. The virus is able to reproduce itself very rapidly.

What do bees pollinate the most?

As honey bees gather pollen and nectar for their survival, they pollinate crops such as apples, cranberries, melons and broccoli. Some crops, including blueberries and cherries, are 90-percent dependent on honey bee pollination. One crop, almonds, depends entirely on the honey bee for pollination at bloom time.

How many flowers can a bee pollinate?

Did you realize that a bee can visit up to 5,000 flowers in a single day? If you think that’s amazing, consider this: to make one pound of honey, a hive of bees must travel over 55,000 miles and visit two million flowers!

What does pollinate mean?

Pollination is the act of transferring pollen grains from the male anther of a flower to the female stigma. The goal of every living organism, including plants, is to create offspring for the next generation. One of the ways that plants can produce offspring is by making seeds.

Can a flower pollinate itself?

Some plants have both male and female parts on the same plant. This is where a plant pollinates itself, and it is called self-pollination. … The pollen moves to the female parts of the same flower. The pollen is transferred to another flower on the same plant.

What are 3 types of pollination?

32.2: Pollination and FertilizationPollination by Insects.Pollination by Bats.Pollination by Birds.Pollination by Wind.Pollination by Water.Double Fertilization.Development of the Seed.Seed Germination.More items…•

What is pollination one sentence?

Definition of Pollination. pollen movement from one part of the flower to another part. Examples of Pollination in a sentence. 1. In order for a plant or flower to produce seeds, pollination must occur between two flowers.

What is another word for pollen?

In this page you can discover 7 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for pollen, like: microspores, powder, fine particles, dust, antheridium, spermagonium and spermatophore.

What 2 things does a bee collect from a flower?

Bees collect nectar from flowers. Nectar is the sweet liquid that entices the bees to the flower. The bees climb onto or into the flower and suck up the nectar with their straw-like mouth and collect it in a little sac called a crop. They also collect pollen on their legs.

What is pollination by humans called?

Hand pollination, also known as mechanical pollination is a technique that can be used to pollinate plants when natural or open pollination is either undesirable or insufficient. This method of pollination is done by manually transferring pollen from the stamen of one plant to the pistil of another.