Question: What’S Included In Comcast Triple Play?

What is included in x1 starter double play?

X1 Starter Double PlayData.

1000GB per month.Connection.


Download Speed Up to 150 Mbps.Modem.

BYO Modem.Type.

24 Month Contract..

Does Comcast offer deals for existing customers?

Xfinity offers many promotions for new customers, which are also available for the existing customers as well. Some of the promotions for existing customers include free or discounted equipment upgrades, free package upgrades, and savings on bundled packages.

What is the best TV and Internet bundle?

5 best TV packagesDIRECTV ULTIMATE All Included—Best sports package.DISH America’s Top 200—Best family package.Spectrum TV Gold—Best movie package.AT&T TV Ultimate + Internet—Best TV and internet package.Hulu + Live TV (No Ads)—Best streaming package.

What channels are included in each Xfinity package?

Xfinity TV Prices and PlansPackageStarting PricePopular ChannelsXfinity Basic$20.00ABC, Antenna TV, CBS, CSPAN, FOX, MTVXfinity Digital Starter$49.99A&E, ABC, Animal Planet, BBC, Cartoon NetworkXfinity Extra$60.00Comet, ION, GRIT, PBSXfinity Digital Preferred$59.99CNN, FOX Sports, MLB, NHL2 more rows

What can I say to lower my cable bill?

Drop to a cheaper cable package. … Supplement your cable package with other services. … Bundle TV and internet services. … Sign a contract. … Shop around for a better cable provider or package. … Ask for a discount from your cable provider. … Negotiate with your cable provider. … Threaten to leave your cable provider.More items…•

How much does Comcast triple play cost after 12 months?

At only $39.99, with a one year contract, it is the cheapest option. After your 12 months contract ends, the plan changes to $59.99 a month; bringing the total cost of two years of an Internet Only package with Comcast to $1,199.76 or $49.99 a month, on average, over 24 months.

What is the cheapest Comcast TV package?

Xfinity TV: The Limited Basic package for $34.99–$39.99/month is our favorite option. You could get close to 90 channels and internet is included in that price (we don’t know anyone who doesn’t need internet).

What does Comcast basic cable include?

The Limited Basic cable package includes many major networks as well as education, government and public-access channels. The expanded lineup includes the basic lineup in addition to other popular channels, including networks dedicated to sports, kids, music and news.

What channels are included in x1 starter triple play?

Get Premium Channels like ESPN, HGTV, TBS & more. Blazing Fast Xfinity Internet Download Speed up tp 250 Mbps.

What is x1 Premier Triple Play?

Triple the speed of with Xfinity internet package X1 PREMIER PRO TRIPLE PLAY offering speeds and connectivity up to 1000 Mbps. Download, stream, and surf as much data and videos on the internet as you like with the whopping fast speed of 1000 Mbps.

How much does Comcast Triple Play cost?

Xfinity Bundle Package PricingPackageDownload Speeds Up toIntroductory PriceX1 Premier Pro+ Double Play1000 Mbps$129.99/mo.*X1 Saver Pro+ Triple Play300 Mbps$104.99/mo.*§X1 Starter Pro+ Triple Play600 Mbps$114.99/mo.*‡X1 Preferred Pro+ Triple Play1000 Mbps$139.99/mo.†4 more rows

Is Comcast Triple Play a good deal?

Xfinity triple play bundles Xfinity triple play deals make it cheaper to connect with family and friends nationwide. Xfinity’s triple play packages all come with some level of DVR service, plus you get fast speeds and good channel lineups.

Does Comcast give a senior discount?

Xfinity currently does not offer any senior citizen discounts, per se. Instead, they offer an Internet Essentials plan designed and priced for low-income customers.

What is the cheapest Comcast Triple Play package?

Cheapest Xfinity bundle: Central USPlanPriceInternet download speedX1 HD Preferred Triple Play with Blast Internet$110**200 MbpsX1 Performance Starter Triple Play$100‡‡100 MbpsX1 HD Preferred Double Play with Blast Internet$100‡‡200 MbpsX1 HD Premier Triple Play with Extreme Pro Internet$130**600 Mbps1 more row•Jun 18, 2020

How can I get Comcast to lower my bill?

Here are five easy ways to lower your Xfinity bill:Choose a TV package with fewer channels.Lower your internet speed.Stop going over your data cap.Get rid of rental equipment.Negotiate your monthly cost.