Question: What Are The Two Types Of Java?

What is the full form of Java?


Java does not have any full form, but a programming language originally developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems in 1995.

The developers of Java were drinking coffee while they were deciding the name of their programming language.

So, they gave it the name “Java” as a slang of “Coffee”.


Does Google use Java?

Java is also very effective when it comes to running servers. When it comes to Google, Java is mainly used for coding server and developing the user interface. Java enjoys a full backing of several libraries. JavaScript is a scripting language that is used to make websites more interactive.

Who is the father of Java?

James GoslingJava/Inventors

What are the applications of Java?

Top 10 Applications of Java Programming LanguageMobile Applications.Desktop GUI Applications.Web-based Applications.Enterprise Applications.Scientific Applications.Gaming Applications.Big Data technologies.Business Applications.More items…•

What is class and its types?

There are four kinds of classes: Object classes. Mixin classes. Abstract classes. Metaclasses.

What are the two types of Java programming?

Types of Java programsJava Applet – small program written in Java and that is downloaded from a website and executed within a web browser on a client computer.Application – executes on a client computer. … JAR file (Java archive) – used to package Java files together into a single file (almost exactly like a .More items…

What are the types of Java program?

There are mainly 4 types of applications that can be created using Java programming:1) Standalone Application. … 2) Web Application. … 3) Enterprise Application. … 4) Mobile Application. … 1) Java SE (Java Standard Edition) … 2) Java EE (Java Enterprise Edition) … 3) Java ME (Java Micro Edition) … 4) JavaFX.

How many types of classes are there in Java?

five kindsThere are five kinds of classes: package-level, nested top-level, member, local, or anonymous. (The last four kinds are called inner classes . * A throw-away class that illustrates the five kinds of Java classes.

What are the three components of a class Java?

There are three major components of class in Java. Variable. Variable is a reserved memory location to hold a value. … Constructor. … Method.

What is the old name of Java?

OakOak is a discontinued programming language created by James Gosling in 1991, initially for Sun Microsystems’ set-top box project. The language later evolved to become Java. The name Oak was used by Gosling after an oak tree that stood outside his office.

What is the main purpose of Java?

Java is one of the most popular programming languages used to create Web applications and platforms. It was designed for flexibility, allowing developers to write code that would run on any machine, regardless of architecture or platform.

What are methods of class?

Class methods are methods that are called on a class rather than an instance. They are typically used as part of an object meta-model. I.e, for each class, defined an instance of the class object in the meta-model is created. Meta-model protocols allow classes to be created and deleted.