Question: How Is Apomixis Beneficial To Farmers?

Do you think Apomixis can be compared with asexual reproduction support your answer giving one reason how is Apomixis beneficial to farmers explain?

How is apomixis beneficial to farmers .


Solution : Yes, because apomixis is the formation of seeds without fertilization for example certain species of plants belonging to Asteraceae, and grass to produce seeds which do not produce seeds by the process of fertilization..

How Apomictic seeds are formed?

Apomixis (asexual seed formation) is the result of a plant gaining the ability to bypass the most fundamental aspects of sexual reproduction: meiosis and fertilization. Without the need for male fertilization, the resulting seed germinates a plant that develops as a maternal clone.

What do you mean by Apomixis?

“The process of development of diploid embryos without fertilization.” Or. “Apomixis is a form of asexual reproduction that occurs via seeds, in which embryos develop without fertilization.”

What is the importance of Apomixis in hybrid seed industry?

It produces seed progeny which are exactly the same as the mother plant. Thus apomixis helps in the preservation of good characters over generations for crop plants. It helps in the production of hybrid seeds with a combination of desirable characters. It also prevents the loss of specific characters from a hybrid.

What will be the advantage of making the hybrids into Apomicts Why?

Possibility to select individuals with desired gene combinations. Exact replica or clone can be obtained. it helps to avoid costly processes like tissue culture, artificial seeds etc. It simplifies the process of commercial hybrids and enables large scale production.

What are the advantages of Parthenocarpy?

Benefits of Parthenocarpy Provides seedless fruits and improves quality. It reduces the complete cost of the cultivation. This improves crop yield without using organic pesticides. Plant growth regulators are natural and the fruits produced are larger.

Why are Apomictic seeds important for farmers?

Apomixis is the asexual production of seeds so that apomictic seeds are clones of the mother plant. … An advantage of apomixis is that it would drastically reduce the cost of hybrid production, so that plant breeders produce new varieties of seeds more quickly and more cheaply.

What is an advantage of apomixis?

Apomixis produces seed progeny that are exact replicas of the mother plant. The major advantage of apomixis over sexual reproduction is the possibility to select individuals with desirable gene combinations and to propagate them as clones.

Why do farmers find production of hybrid seeds costly?

Hybrid seed refers to a seed that is produced by cross-pollination of plants in an artificial way. The scientists try thousands of combinations of parents to identify a desirable hybrid. It needs a lot of scientific research that is why it is so expensive to produce. … They cannot produce hybrid seeds every where.

Why do farmers use hybrid seeds?

The hybrid’s characteristics are very predictable and the plants in a field are much more uniform. Importantly, hybrid lines boosted yields considerably and delivered the benefit of allowing farmers to predict how much to plant for feeding livestock or milling.

What are the causes of apomixis?

Physiological factors and hormones were thought to be direct causes of apomixis. For example, one theory proposed wound hormones produced when plants were injured induced apomixis. Stebbins (1941) ruled out polyploidy as a cause of apomixis because sexual polyploids greatly outnumber the apomicts.

What is Apomixis with example?

Apomixis is an asexual reproduction that occurs without fertilization and not involving meiosis. One example of apomixis is the apomictic parthenogenesis. It its one in which the egg cell is produced through mitosis. It then develops directly into an embryo without the prior fertilization.